Mo Jama

I'm Mo, a front-end software developer from London, UK.

After graduating with a degree in Chemistry I went to work in Japan as a teacher via the JET Programme. I came back to London after 3 years and while figuring out my next steps I took a contracting role doing business and data analysis work for a year.

While I was in Japan I played around with the idea of writing software for a living but it was only after my contracting role that I seriously considered it (you can read about how I got started here)

There's something really satisfying about building products that users can interact with and there's always new things to learn in the world of web development.

In my free time I like to cycle, watch bike races, try to cook, drink tea and keep up to date with my Japanese and a couple of other things that I have probably forgotten to add here.

日本語が話せる方へ: ようこそ!


現在ロンドンでソフトウェアデベロッパーとして働いています。 日本に離れてるのですけどまだまだ日本語が足りないと思っているし、どんどん上達したいと思っています。


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